About Us

Everything we do at Insource is focused on helping you make your business a success.

We work with small and large companies alike, including nonprofit organizations and startup ventures, from a diverse range of industries.

We adopt a hands-on approach to our outsourcing model and give you full access to our years of experience and expertise – like another valuable member of your team. Plus, we’re adaptable so your culture will influence the way we work (we’re really good at fitting in).

We believe that nurturing a strong and trusting working relationship is the key to a long-term partnership that yields results.

Our History

Let us tell you a story.

In 1993 Bruce Hain had a vision – to transform the business operations of small and medium size organizations by providing more effective and economic financial functions.

He set out on a mission to find only the best experts available, to partner with management teams and help organizations achieve their goals faster.

He called this new initiative Insource Services.

Bruce never believed in a bureaucratic approach to delivering core organizational functions and was confident that a ‘service approach’ was a quicker and more viable way to achieve results.

Determined to inject purpose and meaning into his work life, Bruce created and nurtured a culture rooted in personal values, constant learning and the belief that work should be rewarding and fun. These values are deeply entwined within the ethos of Insource Services and are what makes us so unique today.

The Insource business model firmly established itself in 1995 when its significant and lasting impact became clear with its first nonprofit client. Many years of success followed as clients realized our true value and started requesting expanded roles within their organizations. This confidently paved the way for two new practices, Technology in 1997 followed by Human Resources in 2001.

We didn’t stop there.

In 2003 Insource expanded to New Hampshire and in late 2013 we acquired A Hire Authority Consulting Group to enhance the recruiting power of our growing HR Practice.

Since the early days of operating out of ‘Bruce’s basement’, our journey has been rewarding and inspiring. We’ve harnessed all the knowledge and expertise picked up along the way to ensure that each new client we partner with receives an unrivaled level of service, experience and expertise.

We hope our story inspires you as much as it does us.

A Message From Our President

Bruce never believed in a bureaucratic approach to delivering core organizational functions and was confident that a ‘service approach’ was a quicker and more viable way to achieve results.

Our Team

Experienced, approachable and professional – we’re committed to helping your organization succeed.

Chris Bertoncini

Director, Finance & Administration

  • Chris Bertoncini

    Director, Finance & Administration

Working closely with Insource’s President and Senior Leadership Team, Chris provides leadership to and strategic direction on the finances of Insource and oversees contract administration, information technology and facilities. His key duties include timely and accurate reporting, including financial analysis to assist business decisions, cash management, oversight of receivables, collections and payables and acting as key liaison for insurance, real estate, banking and legal affairs.

Chris has acquired significant financial leadership skills, in a variety of industries including software, manufacturing, startups, and nonprofit organizations, with over 15 years of progressive financial and accounting experience. Prior to joining Insource, he was the Controller and interim CFO at a rapidly growing environmental consulting group.  He has also served as Controller and/or Accounting Manager of a start-up e-learning company and at a health care start-up where his responsibilities involved building a finance infrastructure from the ground up, including creating new systems and improving existing processes for more effective financial operations.

Chris holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Southern New Hampshire University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Stonehill College.

“Years ago a mentor taught me it’s important to go about your work the right way, regardless of the environment. I appreciate being able to work with great people, whether it is my Insource colleagues or our clients; that’s part of what drives me professionally. I have also learned that there is a solution to every problem; it may not be easy to determine, but there always is one. There’s a lot of satisfaction in finding it.”

Saleha Walsh

Vice President

  • Saleha Walsh

    Vice President

Saleha co-leads the delivery of Insource’s professional services to our clients. She is jointly responsible for the overall management of client engagements and providing leadership to and strategic direction for Insource’s consulting services. Saleha is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in general operational and human resource management. She brings her expertise in direct communication and skills in contextual decision-making to managing Insource’s operations and addressing our clients’ needs. Insource’s staff and clients benefit from the objective approach Saleha utilizes to address issues in her HR work with clients and in the oversight of quality client service.

Saleha holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Merrimack College.

“My mentor was my first boss, who taught me the importance of clear writing, direct communication, the skill of not getting emotionally bogged down in business decisions, and about contextual decision-making. He taught me about professional integrity. These things have helped throughout my career and are especially important when navigating controversial or tricky business matters. Clients appreciate my objective, no-nonsense approach to solving problems others find stressful to deal with. One of the best things about the job is that our client base requires thoughtful and often non-traditional problem solving, so we’re always learning.”

Russell Greenwald

Vice President

  • Russell Greenwald

    Vice President

Russell co-leads the delivery of Insource’s professional services to our clients. He is jointly responsible for the overall management of client engagements and providing leadership to and strategic direction for Insource’s consulting services. Russell is an experienced professional with more than 15 years business experience. He has a proven track record working with organizations on strategic goals, developing multi-year plans, and seeing implementations through to completion, particularly in the areas of process and technology. Insource’s staff and clients profit from his focus and expertise in creating structure, procedures and systems to support effective business operations and success, and his passion to solve problems.

Russell has worked across industries ranging from nonprofits to venture capital, biotechnology, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare.

Russell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics from Brandeis University.

“I believe the exposure I have had to many organizations, technologies, people, and cultures are why I’m successful today and I look forward to ongoing learning and improvement. I am passionate about and take pride in solving problems that help make a person’s life just that much better and I am truly excited about supporting a sincere, focused, and respectful culture at Insource to nurture our staff as professionals who deliver on this passion.”

Bruce G Hain

President & CEO

  • Bruce G Hain

    President & CEO

The founder, president and general manager of Insource, Bruce oversees all company operations. Prior to founding Insource, Bruce was Vice President and CFO of a national high tech research company headquartered in the Boston area. He has served as an executive management consultant for many companies and nonprofit organizations, and has also advised both start-up and medium-sized government contractors in establishing government-approved overhead and G&A rates.

Bruce is a member of several professional organizations including Financial Executives International (FEI) and The Treasurers Club. He is also is a board member and treasurer of FCC-NE, an organization that expands cultural diversity for adoptive families.

Bruce holds an MBA from Northeastern University (Executive Program) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Boston University.

“I am a right-brained financial person; known for being very creative, I always try to add laughter and fun to work and everything that I do. I am curious by nature, and throughout my career have always asked lots of questions so that I am always learning something new. I see many of these same passions in many Insource staff members, and I think that resonates with our clients.”

Affiliations and Partnerships

Partnering is core to what we do.

In addition to partnering with our clients to solve their problems, we also participate in membership organizations who focus on supporting and providing resources to our clients and like companies. Sponsoring their organizational events and sharing our expertise through educational workshops and presentations is a strategic priority for us. These collaborations help us expand what we can offer our clients beyond the expertise of our three practice disciplines.