We allow you to do what you do best

At Insource Services we provide expert business solutions in Finance, HR and Technology that help your company thrive while you focus on the bottom line.

We allow you to do what you do best

At Insource Services we provide expert business solutions in Finance, HR and Technology that help your company thrive while you focus on the bottom line.

We believe your organization can attain more effective business functions, grow and achieve its goals faster, by working together with accomplished outsourced experts (that’s us).

At Insource, we love solving problems and making things work better for our clients.

Our trusted team of experts specialize in Human Resources, Finance and Technology and are ready to tackle your challenges with proven tools and processes, so you can remain focused on what you do best.


We believe that with the right finance & accounting support, your management team will excel in achieving its organizational goals.

Working in collaboration with your team, we’ll help identify your key financial priorities and we’ll work alongside you to solve your challenges with our expert knowledge, tools and procedures.

We’ll create a consistent reporting and financial management process that will highlight critical data and help you proactively drive executive-level decisions with confidence.

Use us as much or as little as you need, our financial solutions tailor to your needs and are often more valuable and cost-effective than a full service finance department. What’s more, we’ll work with you remotely or at your office – whichever you prefer.

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We believe your HR decisions should be influenced by context, circumstance and the law.

Our goal is to support and strengthen your working relationships and improve communication across your whole organization, by building a trusting partnership with you and your employees (it’s what we do best).

We’ll also suggest valuable recommendations and practices which ensure you remain legally compliant and give you peace of mind.

Our HR teams can do it all – offering the complete services you would expect from a full HR department but at a fraction of the cost, thanks to a customized approach to tackling your specific needs.

You can rest assured that the implementation and transition of these processes will be seamless. No stress. No hassle.

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Technology is at the heart of a successful business but navigating the unknown can be confusing and stressful, especially when you’re faced with the daunting task of determining which applications will make the best solutions and if the benefits will outweigh the associated costs…

At Insource, we’re happy to take on that burden and help you achieve your goals in a way that’s viable and cost-effective. We’ll work with you to implement systems that streamline processes to save you time and generate critical information essential to your business growth.

We’ll suggest cost-effective solutions specific to your unique challenges, identify the level of expertise required and ensure a seamless transition from the old to the new.

Our services are available on a ‘use as you need’ basis either remotely or at your office.

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We believe…

there is always more than one way to solve a problem

We believe…

HR, Finance and IT start with people

We believe…

our cross-practice perspective adds unique value to your team

We believe…

understanding your culture and vision makes us a better partner

We believe…

in doing the right things for the right reasons

We believe…

being easy to work with is core to who we are

We believe…

our complete discretion and reliability earn your trust

We believe…

happy staff leads to happy clients

We believe…

communication needs to be direct and candid

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Who We Are

Experienced, approachable and professional – we’re committed to helping your organization succeed.

Saleha Walsh

Vice President

  • Saleha Walsh

    Vice President

As Vice President, Saleha applies her HR expertise in client communication and contextual decision-making to managing Insource’s operations and addressing client needs.

Using her objective approach, Saleha works as part of the executive team to co-lead the delivery of Insource’s professional services to its clients. She is jointly responsible for the overall management of client success, as well as providing leadership to, and strategic direction for, Insource’s consulting services and business development.

Both Insource’s staff and clients appreciate Saleha for her no-nonsense approach in complex business situations that others may find stressful.

Saleha is dedicated to providing the best possible service to Insource’s clients, and has experience across multiple sectors, including financial services, legal services, nonprofit, and start-up environments. Prior to launching Insource’s HR Practice, Saleha worked as an HR and Operations professional in several organizations, most recently for a national law firm headquartered in Boston.

During her free time, Saleha can be found listening to live music, and spending quality time with her friends and family.

Saleha holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Merrimack College

“My first mentor and boss taught me the importance of clear writing, direct communication, the skill of not getting emotionally bogged down in business decisions, and about contextual decision-making. He taught me about professional integrity. These things have helped throughout my career and are especially important when navigating controversial or tricky business matters. One of the best things about my job is that our client base requires thoughtful and often non-traditional problem solving, so I’m always learning.”

Russell Greenwald

Vice President

  • Russell Greenwald

    Vice President

As Vice President, Russell brings his substantial expertise in leading projects and process management to managing Insource’s operations and addressing client needs.

Utilizing his project management skills, Russell works as part of the executive team to co-lead the delivery of Insource’s professional services to its clients. He is jointly responsible for the overall management of client success, Insource’s consulting services and business development. 

To the benefit of both Insource clients and staff, Russell combines a passion for problem-solving with a strong focus on creating structures, procedures, and systems that support effective business operations and success.

Russell has a proven track record in all areas of Insource’s key services, most notably within the development of strategic business and staffing goals, as well as developing and implementing multi-year technology plans.

Prior to starting Insource’s Technology Practice, Russell previously worked across a wide range of organizations and industries – from nonprofits to start-ups, biotechnology, financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare.

When he’s not at Insource, Russell can be found running, biking and spending time with his wife and two kids.

Russell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics from Brandeis University.

“I believe the exposure I’ve had to many different organizations, technologies, people, and cultures is why I’m successful today – and it’s still a big factor in my further learning and improvement. I’m particularly passionate about, and take pride in, solving problems that help make a person’s life just that much better. That’s why I’m truly excited about supporting a sincere, focused, and respectful culture at Insource – it’s about nurturing all of our staff to become better at delivering on this passion.”

Bruce G Hain

President & CEO

  • Bruce G Hain

    President & CEO

Insource’s founder and President, Bruce oversees the company’s operations and is responsible for overall strategy.

Drawing upon a wealth of financial experience, Bruce works with the executive team to co-lead the delivery of Insource’s professional services to its clients. He is jointly responsible for the overall management of client success, as well as providing leadership to, and strategic direction for, Insource’s consulting services and business development.

Insource staff and clients alike benefit from Bruce’s expertise in leadership, his strategic way of thinking, and keen attention to detail.

Prior to founding Insource, Bruce was Vice President and CFO of a national high-tech research company headquartered in the Boston area. He has been an executive management consultant for many companies and non-profit organizations, and has served as an advisor to both start-ups and medium-sized government contractors.

Bruce is a member of several professional organizations including Financial Executives International (FEI) and The Treasurers’ Club. He is also a board member and treasurer of FCC-NE, an organization that expands cultural diversity for adoptive families.

Bruce holds an MBA from Northeastern University (Executive Program) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Boston University.

“I’m a right-brained financial person. Known for being very creative, I always try to add laughter and fun to work and everything that I do. I am curious by nature, and throughout my career I’ve always asked lots of questions to ensure that I am always learning something new. I see many of these same qualities in Insource staff members, and I think that resonates with our clients.”

Client Testimonials

David Shapiro has worked with Insource in his role as President & CEO (MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership) and Board Chair (Massachusetts Nonprofit Network).
"I have had two very different contexts with which to work with Insource, a national organization transitioning and outsourcing its finances and a local organization starting up and needing to put financial structure and accountabilities in place. In both instances, Insource staff has been dedicated and reliable, served as thought partners, and provided leadership when called for. Insource has demonstrated flexibility and effectiveness in partnering with management to diagnose inherited systems and rebuild and strengthen them in both outsource and support roles."

Client Testimonials

Maisha Moses, Executive Director. The Young People’s Project uses Math Literacy Work to develop the abilities of elementary through high school students to succeed in school and in life. YPP is located in Cambridge, MA, and does work in 9 sites across the country, including the Greater Boston area.
"The Insource team distinguished themselves as willing and compassionate problem solvers when we began working with them during a challenging time in our organization. They helped us to improve key systems that allow for reporting that didn't exist in the past, and provided a level of confidence and support that was invaluable to our leadership. Even though they are not onsite regularly, they are readily available, and flexible - including being available for Saturday Board meetings and early morning conference calls - and have been a pleasure to work with."

Client Testimonials

R. Michelle Green, Former Chief Operating Officer, Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation. Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation develops comprehensive strategies in housing, economic development, and community organizing to support residents of Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood.
"At Dorchester Bay, we are delighted with Insource as our corporate partner in the maintenance and delivery of IT services. For over five years, now, we have benefitted from their expertise, planning, reliability and excellent customer service. A recent experience with a server installed prior to their tenure also demonstrated several of their core beliefs. They let our needs (not the technology, not their own convenience) drive their actions in getting that server’s computer lab back on its feet."

Client Testimonials

Kit Jenkins, Executive Director. Kit Jenkins has worked with Insource in her role as Executive Director of Massachusetts-based RAW Art Works – a youth arts organization, rooted in art therapy. At its core, RAW believes that all kids should be seen and heard and that everyone has a story to tell.
"We were fortunate to find Insource Services when we were still a fledgling organization. The relationship has grown over the past 20 years, and has actively helped us to grow in the areas that did not come naturally to a couple of founders of a youth development program. At each step along the way, Insource has provided a diverse and customized range of practical and strategic support, specifically in the areas of financial and HR services. I know that when I reach out with an email or a call to Insource, I will get a quick and carefully considered reply that will help guide me to move forward with confidence."

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