Automate Repetitive Work; Focus on What Matters

Do you wish you had more time in your day to focus on inspiring or priority work? Do people in your organization find answers to the same questions in different places, with possibly different answers? Is there a lot of time spent on entering data and reconciling systems, but comparatively little on analyzing and acting upon what the data shows you?

At Insource we’ve seen the breadth and depth of the challenges facing staff who are strained under the load of labor-intensive, repetitive processes. Fortunately, technology today can help to reduce and often eliminate pain points with automation that is simpler, cheaper, and more flexible than ever before.

In some cases, organizations may be able to use an off-the-shelf solution that meets their needs. However, some organizations have processes and staff workflows that are important to their goals and would be disruptive to alter. In these cases, Rather than changing their process to match a solution’s restrictions, Insource has helped clients change the solution to match their process.

One of the most accessible approaches takes advantage of the Microsoft Power Automate platform. Many organizations already have access to tools that will allow them to pull information from a system, like an HRIS platform, and use that data to automate common processes.

We helped an organization recently do exactly this, by relying on staff information pulled directly from their HRIS platform. That platform did not have functionality around staff evaluations, so Insource built a process by which employee data would automatically generate the necessary materials to initiate and conduct the employees’ reviews, using their existing evaluation tool. Managers would see their direct reports in a dashboard, their status in the review process, and when the next review would automatically initiate (on a pre-set schedule). Employees can be transferred to different managers and the “review process timer” can continue to run or be “reset” when appropriate. Both managers and employees receive automated notices as the other completes their portions, and a digital signature allows for documentation of the review results.

Because the process was built in a low-code environment within a SaaS platform, there will be extremely little ongoing cost. No servers to run and maintain, no local software to patch, no need to export data to a spreadsheet or copy and paste into a Word document or PDF. And currently, all software costs were already included with the standard licensing many organizations already possess.  And, most importantly, staff time to manage the review process has been significantly reduced.

At Insource, we’re focused on bringing value to every interaction with our clients. Often, we do that by investing the time, creativity, and resources to reduce the burden of administrative, repetitive tasks. We know you have important things to do, and we want to automate your workflow to allow you to focus on what matters.

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