Credit Card Breach!

Written by
Brad Paschal

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Recently, it was announced that Newegg ( had been breached by a hacker group known as MageCart. This has left credit card information exposed for purchases since the beginning of August. Most vendors have been able to quickly cleanse their code of the malware and are safe to use again. Only Feedify is seeing a longer-term attack where they have had to scrub their code multiple times.

It is recommended that any customer that made a credit card transaction on these sites take action with their bank or credit card issuer to freeze or replace the card that was used. Anyone that used PayPal or a similar service are safe; this breach only affects those that directly entered credit card info into the affected sites.

Not sure if you are affected?  To ensure that your information is safe, please visit this website:  And if you have any questions on this breach or other technology matters, please contact us at 781-235-1490.