Employer Branding in Recruiting

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Tom Yannone

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When you’re looking to recruit top talent in a crowded marketplace, employer branding is an effective way to differentiate your company from the competition.

That’s not the only benefit. Employer branding also helps you retain talent, by nurturing employees who are secure in the knowledge that they’re working for a strong and trusted brand.

So, let’s delve deeper and uncover why employer branding is one of the best practices for optimal success.

What is employer branding?

Employer branding is the way in which you represent your organization to existing staff and those you are looking to recruit.

It involves effectively communicating your story from mission and values to culture. This will help you create a unique reputation, highlighting what makes you unique and what might inspire candidates to be interested in working with you.

It’s not about what you do (e.g. the products you make or services you provide) but about showcasing what makes you different and why people choose to join – and stay with – your organization. In other words, it amplifies the reasons why your business is a great place to work.

With numerous employee review websites available, negative experiences can spread quickly and last forever online. Paying attention to employer brand and reputation with sincerity and integrity helps to create a positive experience for both employees and candidates.

How to make employer branding part of your HR strategy

A major component of employer branding is storytelling. It’s about revealing the human story behind your brand, whether it’s your origin story or hearing from those who are writing the new chapter.

This can be achieved in your About Us page, blog articles, or social posts celebrating employee success stories, achievements, promotions, and personal milestones.

Hearing from the employees themselves is a great way to build trust. In the same way that you look for customer testimonials before making a purchase, so do candidates looking to hear from existing employees before making career decisions.

In addition to inviting employees to comment on and share company updates, maybe encourage them to create their own ‘A day in the life of…’ style blogs or to write articles about topics important to them (they don’t have to be work-related).

Another area where it’s important to get the branding right is during the onboarding process. This is your moment to ignite the spark that motivated them to join your firm. For best results, invite employees from all departments to take part so the new recruits get a feel for the culture and a taste of the potential career development opportunities.

The benefits of employer branding 

It’s imperative to have strong employer branding to attract the best candidates and retain your talent.¬†With just the slightest improvements to internal marketing, websites, and social media posts, internal employees will feel stronger about sharing job openings, blogs, and employee highlights, which creates more awareness amongst potential candidates about your company.

Your current employees can become your greatest advocates and help to attract your next generation of talent.

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