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Matt Mone

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My name is Matt Mone. I’m the IT Director and Team Lead of one of our IT teams (around 40 or so staff currently). I support our more complex clients with their strategy and long-term planning.

Most of my time is spent working with managers and engineers, helping to coach and develop them and help them operate within the team to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

I also spend a lot of time on recruiting and hiring, interviewing new staff, and making sure we have the best people for our team. And I work on new business development.

How did you find Insource?

I’ve been with Insource since the early days, for around 11 years, so I was one of those early Craigslist hires. That’s not how we find our people now.

How was the interview process?

I was interviewed by the whole IT department at once (five people!). That’s probably not something we’d do now. But it was a good opportunity to meet my future colleagues. I enjoy being challenged and explaining my methods and perspectives.

Now, our focus as an organization is on hiring and trying to get really high-quality people to keep improving and growing the team. Our recruiting team is doing incredible work finding the best quality candidates and having a really good recruitment process that demonstrates who we are as a company.

How we treat people in the process demonstrates who we are and what our values are; we place emphasis on getting referrals from the team to identify people with our values, work ethic, and skills – having good people and bringing in more of them.

What were your main goals going in?

I’d just moved back to Boston after completing government IT contract work. I was keen to find a role in IT that would allow me to grow and work with different organizations.

What was your biggest challenge?

Going in, my biggest challenge was shifting to consulting and effectively having multiple different “bosses” (the contact at each client), having to shift between clients and prioritize between different clients rather than working within a single organization with one boss and clear priorities.

What’s your day-to-day like?

An average day involves internal meetings dealing with running the IT department, team meetings, interviewing potential staff, meeting managers and engineers, one-on-ones, and mentorship. About 10% of an average day focuses on strategic client work.

What opportunities are available to you?

There’ve been opportunities to do new things and develop new skills. For instance, before COVID, I was managing a team of 12-15 people, now it’s around 40 people. I’ve had the privilege of helping develop managers.

We’ve learned how to operate at scale, to figure out, as a department, how to get systems in place that enable us to scale and grow effectively while maintaining the quality of our work as we grow.

What is the support like?

We’ve been incredibly flexible and adaptive during the pandemic. We were able to pivot quickly to remote support and rework the way we operated in the COVID world.

Our flexibility and adaptability are the big things I’d highlight. I think the company did a good job changing quickly when it had to.

That can be a really challenging thing to do but we were able to effectively pivot in a lot of areas and maintain or improve the way we do things.

What are you most proud of?

The staff I work with: I have a number of staff who came in as relatively entry-level support staff and are now effective managers. Watching their growth and development and career development is what I’m most proud of.

Another thing I’m proud of is the fact that I’m still working with at least half of the clients I was working with when I started, and the other half are also still with us, with other managers. I’m proud of the longevity of client relationships at Insource

I’m equally proud of the opportunities we’re able to provide staff. In a lot of organizations, people are limited in their scope for growth. But here at Insource, we do a really good job providing opportunities to our people. No one is limited in their growth potential. We’re able to promote people who deserve it into roles that suit them best.

What do you do for fun?

I really enjoy craft beer so my wife and I like to visit different breweries in the New England area. I was an econ major in college, so I also enjoy the stock market and researching different companies for investment.

Most of all, I love spending time with my newborn, taking her and our dog for lovely long walks.

Was Insource the right fit for you?

Yes! I’m a person who constantly needs new challenges and needs to be learning new things all the time. So, the combination of the work we do, and our company’s growth has really provided those opportunities for me where I feel like I’m being challenged, able to take on new things, and find solutions to problems. Variety is something I deeply value.

I also really value the team I work with – I get to work with smart, driven people who focus on delivering great work and giving the best to our clients.

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