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Shavon Andrews

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My name is Shavon Andrews. I’m a Team Lead & senior HR consultant at Insource. I’ve been with Insource for a year come April. In my role, I lead a team, consult on HR matters, consult on DEI matters internally, and offer DEI training externally to our clients. I am also on the DEI committee at Insource.

How did you find Insource?

During the pandemic, I was on LinkedIn and looking for additional opportunities to have a greater impact on the HR realm when I came across Insource. It seemed to align with my values and career goals so I reached out to investigate the opportunity.

How was the interview process?

It was fun, good. It was intense – I’ve never had so many interviews! Each interview was interesting. I got to know Insource’s ways of working well and also got to know the team. Since I’m working remotely, this was a great introduction to each person online, in the way we’d be working together.

What were your main goals going in?

My main goal was to understand Insource’s approach to consulting and the Insource Way – how Insource navigates consulting. The second goal was to get a good foundation in being a consultant and providing Insource’s signature Ritz-Carlton service.

My third goal was to be part of the leadership team. In my previous role, I was Chief People Officer for a non-profit. I love leading and developing people and I wanted to be able to have a voice in leadership as well as an impact on the direction of the company. I am proud to have that now.

What was your biggest challenge?

Working remotely might have been the biggest challenge I faced. I’m a people person and I feed off other people’s energy. Being at home means I don’t get that as much. I still connect virtually, which helps – but changes both the engagement and facilitation process.

What’s your day-to-day like?

Typically, it’s a lot of online meetings and connections with clients, colleagues, and staff. Each day is different and every client needs something different so it’s a lot of online calls with clients and team members: consulting, coaching, providing appropriate HR language, and guidance on best practices.

What opportunities are available to you?

The opportunity to be part of the DEI committee and to lead training in the DEI space. Bruce allowed me to be part of a DEI cohort in Boston representing different local organizations. I have the opportunity to be part of a lot of networking and training relating to DEI.

I love that I get to do what we talked about in my interview process. We didn’t only talk about the role but also my career goals. Now I get to see that actually happen in my time here. I haven’t had many interviews – this is my second job ever – but this makes me feel valued by the team.

What is the support like?

Great – right from when I started. My supervisor was so supportive when I joined. And now I report directly to the CEO, who’s always just a Teams call away. I don’t really need a lot of support so I appreciated that they gave me space to navigate the Insource way – with a little touch of Shavon.

Work you are most proud of?

Developing the second HR team. When I started, we were one team and I was tasked in September with developing a new team. We’ve recently had a six-month review and I feel proud of what we’ve achieved in that time.

I am also so proud of increasing our impact in the DEI space, as well as developing more DEI opportunities in the organization.

What do you do for fun?

I’m always with my family – my family is my everything. I like to go fishing and cooking, too. And anything outside, travel. In short, my life is all about family, travel, cooking, and the outdoors.

Was Insource the right fit for you?

Oh definitely! Definitely the right fit. Even though I had a lot of anxiety – changing a job after 23 years and in the middle of a pandemic can be scary! But because I was honest and transparent in the interview process and articulated my fears as well as my goals. As a result, I’ve been really well supported.

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