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My name is Tom Yannone and I work as a Senior Recruiter at Insource. I’ve been with Insource since January 2014. Before joining Insource, I’d been working in the HR field since leaving college in 2005.

How did you find Insource?

I applied to Insource via a Craigslist ad. Insource had just purchased Hire Authority, which was built on the same model as Insource, namely charging by the hour for consulting services. At the time, Insource wanted to expand on the HR outsourcing services already offered by adding recruitment to our business services for our clients, as well as recruiting top people for our teams.

After college, I spent a short while working in my dad’s business, but I’ve basically been in recruitment for all of my career (since 2005). Recruitment was my first job out of college.

How was the interview process?

It was easy – I came in and met with Toby (who had owned Hire Authority) and Saleha. I remember it was around the holidays, Christmas time. I interviewed with Toby and Saleha, and then I was called in to meet Bruce the next day. It was a good interview and a quick process to get the offer.

I’ve had a long career at Insource already. That’s what I tell candidates – I’ve been here for eight years, which shows them what’s possible here. You can really build a career at Insource.

It’s been a great experience for me; I’ve placed hundreds of people, which is rewarding. Some of the people I’ve placed reach out to me on their hiring anniversaries to thank me and update me on their careers. I love getting emails like that. You build a lot of relationships – I feel like my job is incredibly important to Insource’s growth plans. The candidate has to have a good experience through the recruitment process as they have a lot of options, and we want to encourage them to choose us.

I came in and I revamped everything – changed the way people apply for jobs here. I made the interview process a lot quicker and pushed things so that decisions were made more quickly. And then of course you have the diversity aspect. When I started eight years ago, we weren’t very diverse at all, but in the last eight years, diversity has improved to at least 45%.

What were your main goals going in?

I wanted to help the company grow. We had 15-20 employees when I started. The leadership team wanted to grow Insource and wanted to create and build the recruiting aspect of the HR business practice for clients. My goals were to support that growth.

What was your biggest challenge?

Finding the best people in the market – and getting them to choose Insource. We look for a unique combination here. Obviously, you must have the specific skills and experience in the relevant tools, e.g., accounting tools, IT tools, etc.

But you ALSO must have outstanding communication skills. A lot of things are coachable and teachable, but the innate desire to provide white-glove service to our customers’ needs to be built-in – it’s not teachable. This can be a challenge to find sometimes. But it’s so rewarding when I do!

What’s your day-to-day like?

I come in and go through resumes first thing in the morning and review what’s come in overnight. Then I schedule phone interviews, building relationships with candidates along the way, understanding their concerns, etc. I check references and make offers. I also listen in on interviews, facilitate team members’ needs and so forth.

I contribute to the interview process and help mould what it’s like to become part of Insource. It’s important to me to be as efficient as possible and deliver value wherever I can.

What opportunities are available to you?

To grow – I’ve just been just promoted to Senior Recruiter. I’m currently mentoring a new recruiter, Alex Santiago – she’ll work closely with me because we’re growing so much. I am trying to translate the knowledge I’ve accumulated over eight years to her. I feel like I can grow not only in title but in the roles I’m working on, the knowledge I have about the sector.

I am working with incredibly intelligent people – Scott, Katie, Stephanie Vaz. They do a great job at being the leads of their sectors of the business. Partnering with them, listening in on their interviews – it’s very exciting and I learn so much from them. They get it – they get how recruiting works, and they work with me to make it a great experience. They’re a team with me and we all work together to make this process the best it can be. This builds solid relationships – everyone in the company knows who I am. Building solid relationships with great people.

Candidates and new hires often tell me, “You know, Tom, the way you’ve been transparent in this process, coaching me throughout the interview process so that I do my best in the interview – I’ve never had that before and it’s why I have this job now.”

What is the support like?

I’m lucky to have an outstanding manager in DaQuall who is really there for us. He’s incredibly intelligent, charismatic, cares about us and our success. That goes a long way, and it makes you want to keep going and never let him or the company down.

He’s been incredibly supportive to me personally, as well as the whole team. He’s a great leader – he has many years of experience in leadership, and it shows in his work. I feel very supported. I’m able to make decisions and suggestions and they don’t fall on deaf ears. I feel heard and my ideas and suggestions make a difference.

What advice do you have for people focused on employee engagement?

Always build great relationships with the candidates and your staff. You don’t build relationships over email – engagement is a contact sport. Wherever possible, meet online or in person. Coach. Be transparent. When you give advice to a candidate, be sure to have their best interests at heart. And make it clear you’re giving advice not because you don’t think they can do it, but because you want them to do their best.

I have times when I’m so busy. I don’t know where to begin, so it’s easy to send an email and just send some times for an interview. But I’d rather pick up the phone and introduce them to the person who will interview them, show them where to get more info, etc – I’ll ask, “What questions can I answer for you?”
Most of all: be transparent, answer questions. If you don’t know, say so and be clear. Have salary negotiations upfront and expect that same respect back from the candidate. Be in touch consistently and don’t leave them to their own devices.

What are you most proud of?

The growth over the last eight years – we’re at over a hundred people now. Before, we’d only hire people from great schools. Now, we hire people who are so much more diverse. We’re giving opportunities to people who need and deserve them. And since Covid, we’ve embraced the virtual approach – we have 15 people across the country. I’m proud of our people. I’m proud of how we’ve adapted. I’m proud that I’ve brought in what I consider to be outstanding contributors to Insource.

Insource cares about our wellbeing, e.g., unlimited vacation, not micromanaging, letting us work remotely. I’ve seen friends in the same role as me who have had to go into the office throughout the pandemic. I feel the leadership cares for each of us personally and cares about our growth. We experienced a lot of growing pains when I started, and to see where we are now – the great people, the diversity – incredible. I’m so proud of it all.

What do you do for fun?

I collect sports memorabilia – Boston Sports memorabilia, trophies, championship rings, jerseys, signs, ticket stubs, etc. I have a huge sports memorabilia collection. Baseball cards, etc. I like to go four-wheeling, hanging out with my family, going to the pool at my parents’ house, or heading to the beach.

Was Insource the right fit for you?

Their values line up with mine – I believe in diversity, I believe in inclusion. Not only do they believe in it, but it’s also central to who they are. If you research Insource, you’ll find that on the website. They have a lot of great value. I try to do things that are best for the company and feel that they try to do what’s best for me.

I enjoy working with the great people I work with and help them find the right people. They’re good to their teams and I feel confident placing the people I place. If they weren’t so good to their teams, we wouldn’t have the growth we’ve had. They invest in me, and I feel I repay that trust.

Could Insource be right for you?

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