Implementing Business Process Automation into your everyday life

Organizations must adapt quickly to stay competitive and effective in today’s ever-changing landscape. Modern organizations can achieve this by implementing Business Process Automation (BPA), which automates repetitive and manual tasks to reduce errors, increase efficiency, and ultimately allow the organization’s staff to focus their time and energy on what they do best. Organizations can use BPA to realize each of these benefits:

  • Increased efficiency – Time-consuming data entry and repetitive transformations are labor-intensive and rarely elicit peak performance. Automation streamlines workflows and reduces the time needed to manage, monitor, and execute.
  • Reduced errors – Automating business processes reduces or eliminates the need for manual data entry, ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout data flows.
  • Effective staff – By reducing the need for labor-intensive and error-prone manual processes, staff can focus their limited time and energies on more critical efforts to move the organization forward.

At Insource, we constantly strive to help our clients be more effective. We tackle the HR, Finance, or IT work so that our clients can focus on what they do best and what sets their organization apart.

For example, one of our clients had a lengthy, complex, and challenging process to develop business-to-business contracts. A quarter of all agreements were various documents for signature and each took, on average, over 8 hours of handling, amongst their various departments.

Our technology professionals worked with the client to understand their pain points, identify requirements, develop a solution, and iterate to improve and optimize the new workflow. By using Microsoft PowerPlatform and DocuSign, we created a solution to automate the generation, approval, and distribution of contracts for signature. The entire process was reduced from 8 hours to 4, with a reduction of revisions to 10% of what they had been, previously.

As a consulting company, Insource is able to recommend and delivery customized solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization. We can design a solution to match your process and recommend the best tools from our expertise and experience with many technologies. We will work with your team to identify areas for improvement and ensure that well-structured change management ensures your staff and your environment successfully transition to take full advantage of the many benefits BPA offers.

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