Job Descriptions that go from Snooze to Spectacular

In this lighthearted blog post, I take a humorous look at why it’s time to revamp those yawn-inducing descriptions and turn them into attention-grabbing, candidate-focused job advertisements!

In the evolving landscape of recruitment, candidate-focused job advertisements (vs official descriptions) have emerged as a powerful tool. Traditional job descriptions have a reputation for being dry, uninspiring, and downright BOR-ING! Candidates are tired of the same old monotonous job listings that make them want to hit the snooze button.

Let’s face it – we’ve all encountered job descriptions that seem to blur into one another. They often follow a predictable formula: a laundry list of responsibilities, a string of qualifications, and a bland overview of the company. But why settle for Zzz when you can have WOW?

The Talent Acquisition Consultants at Insource have created a “Candidate-Focused Job Advertisement” approach for our clients.

We Spice Up Your Descriptions:

We Tell Your Story

Instead of providing a long laundry list of responsibilities, we craft a creative narrative about the role. We change the verbiage from “Job Duties” to “What Is In It For Them”. We paint a picture that captivates the candidate’s attention.

Personality, Personality, Personality

HR-written job descriptions are often dry, impersonal, and devoid of any lightness or character. They are typically more focused on compliance and informational considerations as opposed to elements that will grab the attention of prospective candidates. They can often have a robotic feel to them. We inject a bit of personality into your job descriptions to give candidates a glimpse into the company culture.

Beyond Blah

We choose words that evoke emotions and resonate with candidates. We swap out blah adjectives for more vibrant ones. We don’t just say “organized”; we say, ” orchestrator of chaos.”

Culture Counts

We have discussions with hiring managers to get an inside look at culture. We listen to their stories and create a “Culture Summary” that is listed at the top of the posting. We show candidates what it’s like to work at your organization. We let your company’s culture shine through words. Remember, you’re not just describing a job; you’re inviting someone to join your team.

Focus on Impact

Rather than just listing tasks, we emphasize the impact the role will have on the company, team, or even the world. We describe what a day looks like for them. Candidates want to know how their work will make a difference.

Add a Dash of Humor

Humor not only grabs attention but can also create a memorable experience for the reader. Maybe they won’t apply for that particular job but your company’s personality and flair may draw them to other openings or cause them to share the job.

The WOW Effect: Attracting the Right Candidates

When you transform your job descriptions from Zzz to WOW, you’re not just playing with words; you’re revolutionizing your recruitment strategy. Candidate-focused and innovative job descriptions attract attention. They catch the eye of passive job seekers who may have otherwise scrolled past.

In Conclusion

Spicing up boring job descriptions is more than a creative exercise – it’s a strategic move to attract top talent and shape your company’s image. By infusing personality, storytelling, and even humor into your descriptions, we’re not just inviting candidates to apply; we’re inviting them to embark on an exciting journey with your company.

So, don’t settle for snooze-worthy job postings; unleash the WOW factor and watch your candidate pool transform by using Insource’s talented and creative team of Talent Acquisition Consultants to help you. Contact us at or 781-235-1490 today!

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