June Update: MA Paid Family and Medical Leave Deadline Update

Written by
Christine Pearson

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Note: This article has been updated to reflect the updated effective dates announced by the state on June 11, 2019 

We recently posted an overview of the Paid Family and Medical Leave program (PFML) that was signed into Massachusetts law in 2018. 

In that piece, we noted that the deadline to provide written notice to employees about these changes was June 31. This has since been extended to September 30, 2019.

To recap, here’s what needs to be done by 9/30/19: 

  • Covered* Massachusetts employers are required to provide written notice to their current workforce of Paid Family and Medical Leave (“PFML”) benefits and fee contribution obligations that now go into effect on 10/1/19, and document distribution through an acknowledgment or other acceptable methods.
  • Employers must also post the Department’s mandatory workplace poster by September 30, 2019. The poster and sample employee disclosure notices are available upon request and on the state website, available at this link. 

*All MA employers are required to participate in this program. Those with under 25 employees are required to transmit the employee deductions but they are not required to pay the employer fees.

Those with over 25 employees are required to contribute to the program for their covered employees and collect and transmit fees with their employees. There are some limited exceptions – municipalities, for example – who do not need to participate in MA PFML. Note that employers who work with contractors may also have obligations to transmit fees for those contractors and to provide information about the new leave to those contractors.

If you’d like help implementing these requirements, or in fielding questions from your employees about this new regulation and the contribution fees that will go into effect in October of this year, please contact your Insource team member or call our VP Saleha Walsh on 781-374-5103.