MA Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) is quickly approaching – are you in compliance?

Written by
Jessica Sullivan

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The deadline for MA Paid Family and Medical Leave is quickly approaching and there are a few items to check off your to-do list.

Update your PFML contact person in the Mass Tax Connect system

  • This individual will be the preferred contact for leave notifications. This should be done immediately.
  • Find the email from DFML with the subject line: Action Required: Submit Your Leave Administrator Contact Information.
  • If you can’t find the email, you may want to check with the person in your company that submits taxes to the MA Department of Revenue, as it was sent to them.
  • Click here and enter the employer-specific verification code that was provided in the email when prompted.
  • For questions, please call DFML at 833-344-7365.

Renew Your PFML Private Plan Exemption

  • If you received approval for a MA Paid Family and Medical Leave private plan exemption in 2019, you must re-apply for an exemption again in 2020 no sooner than November 30, 2020 through December 31, 2020.
  • Submit the following form through Mass Tax Connect: DFML Exemption Renewal / Application.
  • The form requires specific information from the carrier regarding the private PFML plan, such as the policy form number which is listed on the Insurance Declaration Document.
  • Click here for instructions on applying for a PFML exemption in Mass Tax Connect.
  • If you do not intend to renew your exemption, please contact the PFML Contact Center at 617-466-3950.

Mass Tax Connect Instructions for PFML

  • For complete instructions on accessing Mass Tax Connect to submit all information relevant to PFML, including instructional videos, Click Here.
  • Ensure you are submitting your quarterly MA Paid Family and Medical Leave payments in the Mass Tax Connect system.

Re-rate Short Term Disability Plans

  • If you are maintaining an STD policy to supplement MA Paid Family and Medical Leave payments, check with your broker/insurance carrier regarding updated rates. 
  • You will likely need to submit a new census for rate reevaluation.

Employee Communication

  • Ensure you are submitting your PFML quarterly tax payments.
  • Prepare a PFML handbook policy (required).
  • Send an email reminder to employees about PFML (suggested).
  • Consider company leave policies and how they interact with PFML.
  • Review the employer section of the DFML website for useful reminders about your employer responsibilities, Click Here.

Other Useful Information

  • Reminder: the contribution rate (.75%) and weekly benefit amount maximum ($850) will remain unchanged until October 2021.
  • The DFML website goes live on December 2nd. The assumption is that applications for leave beginning on January 1, 2021 will begin at this time.

There is a lot to keep track of with PFML.  If you need assistance, please reach out to us for support.