Paid Family Leave – 2023 Update

Written by
Jessica Sullivan

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As you prepare for 2023, please note the important changes to MA PFML effective on January 1, 2023.

  • New Maximum Weekly Benefit Rate – Increased from 2022:
    1. For 2023, this maximum benefit amount is $1,129.82 (up from $1,084.31 in 2022).
    2. This is adjusted annually based on the State Average Weekly Wage.
  • New Contribution Rates for Covered Individuals – Reduced from 2022:
  1. Employers with 25 or more covered individuals = 0.63% (down from 0.68%)
    • Employee tax / private plan deduction = 0.318%
    • Employer tax / contribution = 0.312%
  1. Employers with fewer than 25 covered individuals = 0.318% (down from 0.344%)
    • Employee tax / private plan deduction = 0.318%
    • Employers are not required to contribute.
  1. Updated PFML notifications must be distributed electronically or in paper:
    1. Current covered individuals by December 2, 2022
      • Updated acknowledgements are not required for 2023 if a prior signed acknowledgement is on file.
      • If no signed acknowledgement on file, collect a signed acknowledgement from all current employees.
  1. New Hires:
    • Must receive the PFML Notification within 30 days of employment and must return a signed digital or acknowledgement.
  2. If notifications are not provided in a timely manner, employers are subject to per-employee fines.
  1. Display the poster in a central and visible location.
  2. Send via email to remote employees.
  • Private PFML Plans:
    1. Submit your exemption request for 2023 at Mass Tax Connect by December 31st
    2. The exemption form is provided by your PFML insurance carrier.
    3. To inform DFML that you are no longer renewing fill out this form.

To Do List:

  • Send out the proper notification to your current covered individuals) by December 2nd.
    • Complete employer sections on pages 2, 6, 7 & 8 before sending.
    • Collect signed acknowledgements if not already on file for current covered individuals and for all new hires.
  • Submit the PFML Private Plan Exemption, if applicable, by December 31st.
  • Update the PFML deductions in your payroll system / ensure tax rate is updated for the first check in 2023.
  • Ensure the current year PFML Notification & Acknowledgement are included in new hire packet. Ensure a signed Acknowledgement is returned.

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