Repost: Training for Sexual Harassment Prevention

Written by
Saleha Walsh

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Sexual harassment is not just a Hollywood issue.

With the increased focus on the topic in the media, we are seeing an increase in demand for sexual harassment training as employers are reminded of something that may have been moved to the back burner. Employers have an obligation to their staff to ensure all employees have a safe and respectful workplace, free from all forms of harassment. Engaging in, condoning, or not reporting sexual harassment is not only unacceptable, but can have legal implications for individual employees as well as the company.

Insource offers Respectful Workplace and Sexual Harassment training. Our training is intended for all staff with a special additional segment for management.

Our training teaches your staff not only how to define sexual harassment and the laws associated with it, but how they can spot, respond to, report and prevent workplace harassment of all types.

Your employees will be armed with the knowledge they need to understand what constitutes sexual harassment and understand their role in preventing and stopping harassment and in reporting incidents of harassment.

Sexual harassment training shows your employees that you prioritize a safe work environment and creating a culture that promotes respect and open communication.

Have questions on the training we offer or how to ensure your staff is adequately trained on the topic? Or need help creating your legally required policy for staff distribution? We are here to help! Contact us at or (781) 235-1490.