What We Do

At Insource, our experienced consultants allow you to stay focused on what you do best.

We customize and scale our services to meet your needs, based on thorough departmental reviews to ensure every process and cost is justified and you get the maximum value from working with us.

Below you’ll find more details about our HR, Finance and IT services and the many ways we can help your organization grow as a trusted partner.

Finance Overview

We believe your financial management department should effectively support the overall mission and goals of your organization. Working directly with your staff, we’ll help highlight the key financial priorities and translate them into achievable tasks through new processes and tools guaranteed to help you reach your goals with confidence.

  • We believe in finding and communicating the message behind the numbers
  • We believe financial statements and budgets shouldn’t be ignored
  • We believe strong controls and processes lead to reliable, timely and accurate information
  • We believe a clean audit should be the norm
  • We believe the process is more important than the tools

Custom Accounting Solutions

We offer the full range of financial talent from bookkeepers to chief financial officers, providing expertise at the most cost-effective level to address your needs.

Bookkeeping and Payroll Preparation

We coordinate payroll processing and provide full­ range bookkeeping services. We can manage these areas for you or supplement the work of your in-house staff.

Monthly Close

We review, analyze and conduct the work necessary to finalize your financial data each month.

Financial Statement Preparation

We coordinate all financials to prepare meaningful data and financial metrics to assist management in decision making. Reports are tailored to your needs.

Government Contract Accounting and Reporting

We implement the controls and compliance guidelines required by government funding. We understand the requirements of A­133 audits and have extensive experience with UFR (Uniform Financial Reports) reporting.

Budget Preparation

Our approach is an interactive, bottom­up budget preparation process and we work with you to coordinate the logistics and analysis of budgets in the context of your priorities.

Audit Preparation

Our process is ongoing throughout the year, not a one­ time event, and we consistently deliver clean audits for our clients. We are often recommended by some of the top audit firms in the state.

Staff Supervision and Training

We provide senior financial oversight and direction to your staff as you build internal capacity, or provide staff with the level of expertise and training your organization needs.

CFO Services

Interim and Ongoing CFO Services – We address an immediate need and offer ongoing, part-time CFO services, providing oversight and expertise to optimize financial planning and reporting.

Board of Directors and Committee Reporting

We present financial information to boards of directors and subcommittees, often partnering with an organization’s chief executive to present your company’s financial information in an understandable report tailored to the needs of the board.

Review and Interpretation of Financial Statements

We work to understand your priorities and organizational constraints and to determine what the numbers actually mean, then provide complete reports that serve as effective decision ­making tools.

Coordination of Banking, Insurance, Legal and Accounting Relationships

We serve as an informed liaison to vendors and other service providers you may work with for increased efficiency.

Oversight of Fiscal Policies and Procedures

We develop, review, modify and oversee financial policies and procedures to maintain integrity and compliance and ensure you have the proper controls in place for a healthy financial system.

Risk Assessment

We help identify areas of exposure in your financial operation and assist in developing corrections and controls to mitigate this risk.

Nonprofit Financial Management

Restricted Fund Accounting – We develop the controls and systems necessary to segregate and manage restricted funds as required by some donors or other funding sources.

Audit and UFR Support

Using more than 20 years of experience, we manage nonprofit audits and compile required UFR filing data.

Budget Preparation

Our approach is an interactive, bottom­up budget preparation process, which includes program staff, and we work with you to coordinate the logistics and analysis of budgets in the context of your priorities.

A­133 Compliance

We implement the controls and compliance guidelines required by government funding. We are familiar with the requirements of A­133 audits and have a solid track record of success with these audits.

Grant Accounting and Reporting

We develop or modify your existing systems to efficiently address the reporting requirements of your funded grants, including transaction reporting at the donor level.

Financial Assessments

Review and Document Existing Practices and Processes – We conduct interviews, as well as documentation and system reviews, to distill what is in place and what might be missing or inefficient from a best practices perspective.

Determine Reporting and Staffing Needs

We make recommendations regarding any reporting needs, as well as related staffing changes that may enhance financial operations.

Recommend Process Improvements

Recognizing that all improvements cannot be addressed at once we help you prioritize and stage them in a cost­ effective and practical manner with timelines, next steps and cost estimates.

Project Leadership and Management

Development and Implementation of Internal Controls – We develop customized controls, compliant with funding and other regulations, based on best practices that are informed by our client base of similar organizations. We have a wide range of experience in creating fiscal policy and procedure manuals.

Mentoring and Coaching

We teach and support your internal staff to help build capacity within your organization and bring key contributors to the next financial level.

Government Grant Accounting

We implement the controls and compliance guidelines required by government funding. We are familiar with the requirements of A­133 audits and have extensive experience with UFR (Uniform Financial Reports) reporting.

Financial System Design

We design accounting software systems that allow for meaningful reporting from an automated system rather than via manual input of data. This helps ensure you are efficiently receiving the information you need when you need it.

Software Configurations, Conversions and Training

We assess your current accounting system to determine if it continues to suit your organization’s needs. We make recommendations regarding reconfiguration and provide training regarding the changes, or assist with a conversion to a new product.

Human Resources Overview

Strong communication and relationships are key to a harmonious and successful working environment. Our aim is to support and strengthen the interactions across all your staffing levels and establish positive and constructive relationships. Our adaptable approach allows us to address specific needs and focus on employee experience, compliance and managing performance within the context of your organization.

  • We believe decisions should be influenced by context, circumstance and the law
  • We believe the delivery is as important as the message
  • We believe HR expertise builds a strong foundation for organizational leadership
  • We believe proper administration and compliance ensure effective operation


HR Management Services

Develop, Update and Interpret HR Policies and Procedures – We work with you to create and update HR policies and procedures required for legal compliance and that are appropriate for your organizational setting. We develop or update employee handbooks and assist in consistently communicating all policies to employees.

Organizational Messaging

We help you deliver important information to employees in a way that minimizes disruption and gets across the tone of your message in the most effective way.

Crisis and Issue Mitigation

We help you navigate challenging employment matters and triage issues effectively and professionally.

Coordinate Benefit, Insurance and Legal Relationships

We can serve as your HR department, acting as a liaison to and streamlining communications with all benefit insurance, vendor and legal service providers.

Coaching and Training

Working in cooperation with senior management, we coach and train staff individually and through organized group sessions.


We provide comparative HR data and insight based on the practices and benefits of other companies of similar size with comparable issues. We also partner with compensation experts for more complex study needs.

Performance Management

We work with you to design a system tailored to your setting and needs. We can assist in coaching or mediation with regard to support performance management.

Disciplinary Action

We work with you to design performance improvement goals and timelines, and to deliver difficult news to employees in a way that is direct, fair, and professional.

Assessments and Audits

Review and Document Existing Practices and Processes – We conduct interviews and documentation and system reviews to distill what is in place and what might be missing or inefficient from a best practices or compliance perspective.

Identify Compliance Issues

We flag areas that present compliance risks to our client and recommend and implement solutions.

Recommend Process Improvements

Recognizing that all improvements cannot be addressed at once we help you prioritize and stage them in a cost­effective and practical manner with timelines, next steps, and cost estimates.

Talent Acquisition

We can manage the full talent acquisition process for you including executive searches and staffing. Our consultants can assist in developing job descriptions and then source, interview and facilitate the hiring process for you on an hourly basis. This pricing structure allows you to work with us on the full hiring process or on aspects that may be helpful in supplementing your internal efforts on an outsourced basis. Our hourly pricing has historically been 50-75% more cost effective than using a contingency fee-based agency and we can work with you to come up with a budget and plan that works for you.

Hiring and Transitions


We provide an HR welcome and orientation for your new employees so their first day on the job is organized and well run. We meet every new hire and develop a rapport that makes future interactions with that employee easier, even if the topic isn’t always easy. We make sure your onboarding process is compliant and streamlined.


We help you deliver news of a termination in a way that protects your company and is respectful to the departing employee. We provide all required documentation and can assist with involuntary termination processes or layoffs including release of claims documents.

Benefits Design and Administration

Health and Dental Insurance

We help you design these benefit packages for your employees, tailored to your priorities and budget, and work with outside vendors to get you information in as much or as little detail as you desire. We also promote your health and dental plan options to employees in a concise and helpful way based on the needs of that employee.

Life and Disability Insurance

We help you figure out what you need, what it costs and when to add it to your benefits package. We can assist in computing life insurance taxes and other administrative duties associated with administering life and disability benefits.

Retirement Plans

Working with financial advisors, retirement investment platforms and third-party administrators, we facilitate the process of setting up and administering 401(k) and 403(b) plans. We simplify the process by helping you understand the set­up requirements and outlining the design options in understandable terms.

Supplemental Benefits

We help you design an incentive program tailored to the interests and priorities of your organization; for example, pre­tax transportation passes, wellness benefits, recognition incentives, vision plans and others.

Pre­tax Plans

We explain pre­tax plans ­­including Section 125 plans, HRAs/HSAs/ FSAs – and help you determine which, if any, are best for your business and your employees. We work with vendors to implement plans and ensure employees understand the options and savings available to them during onboarding and open­ enrollment periods.

Compliance and Reporting

Personnel File Management

We set up and maintain personnel files in a legally compliant format so you can access the information you need and protect your organization in the event of an audit. We maintain protected electronic files.

Employee Census Data

We maintain all employee census data for internal reference and for benefits pricing to ensure it is continuously updated in real time.

System Development and Implementation

We create HR systems by working with you to develop a simple or more robust system based on your needs, and partnering when it is cost effective for you.

Performance and Other Documentation

We write, review and/or train you on performance documentation so that it gets you the results you want and protects you from legal vulnerability.

Incident Investigations

We investigate harassment or other claims and assist you in determining the facts and taking necessary actions.

Background Checks

We conduct CORI and more extensive background checks using the state system and national vendors when required. We routinely administer and review education, criminal, credit, and other checks, and assist in determining which checks are needed for your specific business.

Implementation of State and Federal Benefits and Mandates

We help you implement State and Federal Benefits and Mandates like MA Paid Medical and Family Leave based on the latest developments for your company size and employee mix. Our new hire and termination processes incorporate any required disclosures and actions required by State and Federal regulations.

Technology Overview

We’ll identify the technology needs required to streamline your processes to save you time, which will allow you to generate critical information essential to the operation of your business. Let us manage your technology and we’ll ensure you get the most cost-effective solutions to your technical challenges. You can also choose the most convenient delivery method for you, be it remotely or at your offices.

  • We believe needs, not technology, drive solutions
  • We believe technology is personal
  • We believe secure systems and backups should be the norm
  • We believe education and training are as critical as having the right tools
  • We believe in a world where stuff just works

Data Solutions

  • We help you create meaningful data visualization models.
  • We review your workflows and processes to assess opportunities for optimization and streamlining.
  • We work with you to automate repetitive tasks with readily available technology solutions.
  • We will develop customized solutions that work for you.

Managed Services

IT Budget and Planning

We design a year-in-­advance budget based on your annual IT priorities, including server and network projects, workstation and user software needs, and warranty and support renewals.

Project and Staff Support Prioritization

We make decisions and plan ahead to provide recommendations and resources to support your ongoing projects and staff requests. We are there to provide crisis-­level prioritization as needed.

Help Desk

We provide staff IT support, including employee training, break/fix, remote support and user setups/onboarding.

Troubleshooting Servers and Workstations

We provide tiered support for advanced problems, resolving workstation and server issues based on the big picture, not patchwork solutions.

Remote Monitoring

We conduct proactive real­ time monitoring of your servers and technology network, leading to rapid response support for issues and questions.

Backup Management

We provide monitoring, management and testing of backups on a monthly or quarterly basis and help you determine the best options for your company.

Disaster Planning, Documentation and Response

We help ensure you don’t lose important data by making disaster recovery recommendations and implementation plans based on data recovery in different disaster models. We conduct yearly testing of the disaster recovery model based on written and updated plans.

Procurement and Vendor Management

We receive priority support from vetted vendors on purchased hardware and software, bulk pricing advantages and vendors’ special offers that are extended to clients.

User Training

We determine staff comfort levels with technology using one­-on-­one discussions and surveys, then provide recommendations for growth through daily interaction, lunch seminars or by utilizing outside resources/training partners. Implementation of any new system is accompanied by in­ depth training and train­ the­ trainer sessions.

Asset Management

We track and manage all staff computers, servers, warranties and domain names in our ticket/asset system to identify age of systems, renewal dates, computer user associations and hardware issues.

Mobile Device Management

We design and manage mobile security policy, implementing systems to ensure security of data that is accessible on mobile devices.

Data Solutions

We can help with Business Process Automation (BPA), which automates repetitive and manual tasks to reduce errors, increase efficiency, and ultimately allow the organization’s staff to focus their time and energy on what they do best.

IT Assessments

Organizational Overview

We work with your key stakeholders to learn where you want to take the organization. We document the current state of technology and your technology department from adequacy of compliance and security through user satisfaction. We provide recommendations to match IT with the organization’s goals.

Review and Document Existing Practices and Processes

We conduct interviews, as well as documentation and system reviews, to distill what is in place and what might be missing or inefficient from a best practices perspective.

Diagram Current Environment

We develop a visual layout of your existing backbone server network showing how valuable data moves between servers and where software is installed to be used as a resource and planning tool for you.

Identify Compliance Issues

We review company policies, procedures and safeguards to ensure compliance with Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR), SEC and HIPAA requirements. This extends to email encryption, data storage, written policies and staff training.

Analyze Cloud Systems, Office Infrastructure and Communication and Collaboration Systems

We document and plan server and network utilization, available resources and backup procedures. As part of the analysis, we also test wireless stability and strength, incorporating future growth to support mobile architecture.

Recommend Process Improvements

Recognizing that all improvements cannot be addressed at once, we help you prioritize and stage them in a cost-effective and practical manner with timelines, next steps and cost estimates.

Network Engineering

Network Storage Management

We measure your application, data, growth, and budget needs, then choose the solution that will work best. Our expertise in complex storage management has a wide range of experience from large name players like Dell and HP to custom solutions. We take a calculated approach measuring throughput, IOPS, and data at rest recommending solutions to best meet your needs.

System Migration

We help you determine which system is most efficient for your needs, and if necessary, manage the migration (for example: Exchange to Office 365 or GSUITE, Windows Active Directory to AzureAD, premise-based phones to Cloud). We understand the sensitivity around change and work to make sure staff understands the technology’s full functionality.

Website and Application Performance Tuning

We use various developer tools to analyze site speed, data integrations and user experience, then make recommendations, improve upon existing systems and set up processes to enhance your website or web ­based application to optimize page load times.

Wireless Deployment

We design a wireless network that supports your maximum amount of users and their multiple devices across all your platforms.

Amazon AWS

As an early Amazon AWS partner and provider, we are able to explain the benefits and use cases for Amazon’s cloud. Our IT professionals know how to secure, back up and build in redundant high performing systems.


We work with your web and application programmers to help tune and design production-­level products. We marry the relationship between code and hardware, designing, collaborating, measuring and optimizing operational processes.

Office 365

We are able to explain the benefits and use cases for Office 365. Our IT professionals know how to secure, back up and build in redundant high performing systems.

Cloud Management

Cloud File Sharing

We guide you through understanding and choosing the right cloud-based file system to meet your needs. Your data is migrated, staff is trained, and the new efficiencies are offered through phased implementation of these platforms.


We work with you on setup, training and migration for email, calendaring, documents, analytics and other tools available on Google platforms. Google offers specific products free for 501(c)(3)s

Office 365

We help you migrate to Microsoft’s cloud for email, servers, databases, or SharePoint, set up encryption and implement best practices. Microsoft offers specific products free to 501(c)(3)'s.

Project Leadership and Management

Website Development

We serve as project manager, working with your leadership to understand the organization’s messaging priorities; put together an internal web team for decisions and review; line up designers, photographers, programmers and content writers; make sure the deliverables are understood and keep the project on task.

Office Moves

We manage the technical build­out of a new office or space renovation from A/V, electric, cabling and telecom/data perspectives. Working with the dedicated office manager, we coordinate timing on furniture, move day and staff arrival.

Intranet Development

We apply a phased approach to a corporate intranet that allows an organization to build a tool that offers messaging material in a centralized data repository used and supported by the staff for collaboration and research.

E­Rate Management

Schools that qualify for E­rate can take advantage of many communication-­based technologies funded by the government, including fiber lines, phone systems and cabling. We tell you which services would benefit you best, design the necessary IT plan, and manage the vendor selection and form submittal process.

IT Visioning/IT Planning

We work with your organization to develop and implement an IT plan that works in conjunction with your strategic plan and goals. We go through a process of research, discovery, feature requirements, demos, re­analysis and more to give you the tools to make a very informed decision on the technology the organization uses every day.

Business Process Automation

Insource Services Technology Partners

Training Overview

We believe businesses require thoughtful, professional training to support the overall mission and goals of their organizations. Working directly with you, we’ll help identify and customize training that will help you create and achieve your training goals and unify your team to help your organization flourish.

  • We believe in growth mindsets.
  • We believe training is integral to growth.
  • We believe competent trainers and relevant training adds value to individuals and helps organizations thrive.


Onsite or Online Training

Insource provides customized training for organizations of all sizes. Our facilitators blend individual and group activities, lectures, self-reflection, art, role play, and more into creating an experience that’s interactive, informative, engaging, and fun. Among our areas of expertise are;

  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication
  • Providing Feedback
  • Cultural Competence
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Train the Trainer Models
  • Customized

Coaching and Consulting

In addition to group training, we offer individual and/or team coaching, facilitation and consulting within any of our areas of expertise.  Typically, these engagements are customized based on the needs of the individual or team. Examples include:

  • Retreat design and facilitation
  • Staff meeting facilitation
  • Designing and coordinating diversity initiatives or other management initiatives


Our team can help you identify desired meeting or retreat outcomes, create objective-based agendas, and develop a plan to meet or exceed those goals. We are also available to facilitate a meeting with your team, with activities designed to engage and encourage participation and work towards those goals.

Data & AI Overview

With the rapid pace of AI development and the never-ending proliferation of data sources, it sometimes feels like the world is changing faster than we can keep up. Other times, it feels like nothing has changed at all, when the AI feels gimmicky and data sources still don’t talk to each other. We can help you cut through the hype to identify solutions that help you make better decisions, save time, and improve efficiency.

  • We believe there is a safe and secure way to use AI to improve outcomes for humans
  • We believe that AI should improve, not replace, our work
  • We believe data should be used to make decisions and increase trust
  • We believe access to bad data is worse than no data, and strive for accuracy
  • We believe data should be secure
  • We believe in simple solutions that meet clients biggest needs
  • We believe in a world where stuff just works

AI Adoption

You have a mandate to “use AI” — but what does that even mean? We will work with you to identify the problems that AI can solve for your organization, put in guardrails to ensure that AI is being used in a safe and secure manner, and avoid the pitfalls of launching a new technology.

  • AI Assessment – Reviewing your business needs and identify hype-free opportunities for AI-driven improvement.
  • AI Training – As AI tools proliferate, employees need guidance on who should use AI for what and how to do so safely.
  • App Development  – Have an idea for how to use AI? We will help you leverage the power of Large Language Models (LLMs)  to improve efficiency and tackle new opportunities.

Integration & Automation

Whether it’s is improving efficiency by automatically generating user accounts when someone is hired, or cutting through red tape by using AI to generate required documentation,  we can work with you to identify opportunities for process improvement across your organization.

  • Business Process Review – Conducting thorough evaluations of business processes to identify areas for optimization and improvement.
  • System Integration – Connect your various tools to kick off processes automatically such that, when something happens in system X, it is correctly reflected in system y, without requiring manual intervention.
  • AI-Driven Automation – AI’s ability to bring structure to unstructured, real-world information opens up unprecedented opportunities to automate the tedious tasks that take our staff away from their high-value work.
  • HR Automations – Speed up onboarding, offboarding and performance reviews by sharing data across systems, kicking off automated account creation processes and organizing required documentation using dedicated process improvement tools.
  • OCR Solutions – Liberate information trapped on paper or in PDFs without requiring manual processes. We will help you build dedicated pipelines to move information from its original source to your desired destination.

Data Warehousing

The number of data sources has exploded as SaaS tools are adopted across organizations. At the same time, the data analytics industry has matured from flat files on local hard drives to dedicated, cloud-based infrastructure for building data pipelines, performing complex data transformations, monitoring performance and controlling access. We will help you make the complex simple by identifying and implementing the right tools for your needs.

  • Assessment – Catalogue your data sources and make a plan to get organized, so that everything has a place, and everything is in its place.
  • Architecture Design – Design and implement your approach to extracting data from its sources, loading it into the right storage solutions, applying your business logic and connecting to the right analytics tools.
  • Warehouse Development – Set up your data warehouse. Monitor cost and troubleshoot performance.
  • Data Engineering – Build custom data flows using APIs, orchestration tools, and data quality monitoring.

Data Visualization & Reporting

If a dashboard is created in the woods, does anything change? Use our ‘access, analysis, action’ framework to ensure that data is resulting in bottom line improvements to efficiency, staff satisfaction, and organizational impact.

  • Data access – ensure that users have timely access to relevant data
  • Data analysis routines – create efficient data analysis routines for your staff
  • Data-driven action – Set goals and build the habits needed to take action based on data

Data Analysis

Do you know where your most productive staff came from? Have you looked at equity in compensation and promotion? Have you identified your highest leverage revenue sources? Our team of analysts will do an in-depth investigation into your HR, Finance, and Operational data to answer the most pressing questions your organization faces.