Calling all non-profits: how to register for the 2022 AWS Imagine Grant program

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Russell Greenwald

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Did you see the news? Amazon Web Services (AWS) just announced the 2022 AWS Imagine Grant program for all registered 501(c) nonprofits throughout the country.

According to the program’s official website,

[The] goal is to empower nonprofit organizations to prioritize technology as a mission-critical component of their projects and provide support for organizations pursuing technology-driven goals. As part of the program, [they] are seeking proposals for pilot projects, proofs of concept, or existing programs that utilize technology in a new or expanded way.

If the last two years of “business-as-UNusual” have taught us anything, it’s that digital transformation is becoming a pressing priority for all businesses. With this grant, non-profits can access the funding they need to transform critical parts of their organizations, such as cloud computing and a variety of other technology-driven projects.

The Imagine Grant recognizes two distinct categories of organizations: those looking to leverage the cloud for their computing needs, and those seeking to transform and enhance their core offerings by undertaking mission-critical work such as server migrations or technology development.

This grant could be the key that unlocks the digital transformation of YOUR organization. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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