Keep control of your data with AWS and Insource

Written by
Russell Greenwald

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Back in February, we talked about Insource’s new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner status and how it could help you and your business to be more secure online.

This post is the second part of our follow-up series about AWS’s security benefits and how we can help you access them for your organization. Part one can be found here.

Control access to your data with AWS Security

As we’ve previously mentioned, Amazon’s main focus with AWS is security. We at Insource know you care deeply about privacy and data security, and that’s why we recommend AWS: It gives you ownership and control over your content through simple, powerful tools that allow you to determine where your content will be stored, secure it in transit and at rest, and manage access to services and resources for your users.

By using AWS:

  • You maintain full control of your content and responsibility for configuring access to AWS services and resources.
  • You choose how your content is secured. AWS offers strong encryption for your content in transit and at rest, and we provide you with the option to manage your own encryption keys. 
  • You have access to data encryption capabilities available in AWS storage and database services, such as Amazon Elastic Block Store, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Relational Database Service, and Amazon Redshift.
  • You also have access to flexible key management options, allowing customers to choose whether to have AWS manage the encryption keys or enable customers to keep complete control over their keys.

Amazon also implements sophisticated technical and physical controls that are designed to prevent unauthorized access to, or disclosure of your content. In addition, the company continually monitors the evolving regulatory and legislative landscape to identify changes and determine what tools you might need to meet ongoing compliance needs.

How Insource Services can help

Scaling your business has never been easier or more affordable. With the advent of secure cloud services like AWS, you can take advantage of large-scale technology at surprisingly affordable rates, helping your business do more and do better.

At Insource, we understand the power of AWS technology. We’d love to talk through the available solutions with you and see how they can help you achieve your business goals.

To find out more about what AWS can do for you, get in touch today at;

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